For J…

May Your Head Ever Be in the Clouds

easter red 005new

john's cloud images 002new

john's cloud images 006new

john's cloud images 014new

john's cloud images 016new

john's cloud images 017new

john's cloud images 022new

5 thoughts on “For J…

    • J has a gift for locating faces in them. It is an area that is not so much my gift, though I trust where the camera leads me to aim and to shoot. I put them up, as where he lives now, the clouds do not behave in the same fashion. He still gets his heads that way! 🙂

      I think that I might be a lot more like you. I see the scene in person, I take a shot thinking wow, and then…
      Thanks for the attention in a non-preferred area.

  1. I love photography in general. Your work (on all of the different pages and topics..) is inspiring. Truthfully, most of my passion was developed in years past when film was the media…before images could be so “manipulated”. These days it is difficult to determine if the photographer is talented and has an “eye” for the subject–or just competent on a computer. In many ways I long for the smells of the darkroom and never knowing how good the image will be until hours later, working in near darkness, the images slowly appear, first on film then on paper….No immediate gratification possible!! I like digital too, but I really long for the days of silver technology when “manipulating” an image meant…intentional double exposures in the camera or the enlarger, dodging and burning, temperature control of solutions, studying the color wheel to decide what color to add or subtract to improve the image…..etc, etc. Oh well, I guess I am just an old cog on the photography wheel of life!!
    Stay well and continue doing what you do well. I will keep watch.!!

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