Time Table

Time Table copyright

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
©2014 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography
To Inquire, email:elisa58t2sugarless@yahoo.com

Inspired by Alainafae and her Timetables.

This one has music that goes with the image, Mumford and Sons I Gave You All.

4 thoughts on “Time Table

    • You are welcome. This image title is the ONLY one that I have ‘snitched’, the only one that did not pop into my head. Your post had me stop ignoring the bush that I hadn’t cut back outside and go out to get images and then to play with them. If I choose an altar in place, I can get quite upset if things seem to prevent me from seeing it, attending it–even the city cutting it down!! However, if I am in a mood to try, to work with what I have, instead of pining for what I do not–there is the wonder. I can change the name if I should have asked to use it first?

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