Upstairs in My Attic

Upstairs in My Attic copyright

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
© 2012 and 2013 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography


7 thoughts on “Upstairs in My Attic

    • Thank you! I had fun with this one. Now, to figure out how to get the overlays to the background of the object in the image!!! Though, I dunno what that would do the feeling of it. You are my honorary….oh my God get that thing down off of the site it’s HORRID artist, I thought I would tell you this. I trust you to say…honey WHAT were you thinking or doing. 😀

      I just can’t seem to paint or to draw what is in my head, working with my images is changing some of that. I am getting used to the tools that I have.

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