A Story Stone

A Story Stone copyright

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
© 2012 and 2013 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography


8 thoughts on “A Story Stone

  1. Stones can tell stories that last for eons. I remember holding a stone in the left hand and a feather in the right and realizing I had more to learn from the stone at that time in this life.

    • It does seem to be a contradiction for an ‘inanimate’ object. I didn’t post about your wolves. There are so many thinks to consider and a lot of them would breed angry spins or argument. A funny thought–or not…who gave the wolves, or any other wildlife, a permit to shoot so many humans because we became pests and invaded their homes?

      • I am amazed that there have been no angry spins or arguments on that post. I could argue in my mind about the entire issue for a month of Sundays but it feels better to learn to live with both sides. Love that funny thought of yours!

      • Thanks I realized after I hit the post comment button, that I did what I hadn’t wanted to do lol

        I can always edit and remove!! I hope your trip went the way you wanted and left you in peace, not pieces.

      • Peace or pieces? What an interesting way to put it. A little bit of both. The trip was good, much better than April’s trip which turned into a fiasco, although no one on-line really knew much about that because it was unbloggable. However, am pretty much back into an attached personality and that usually brings up feelings of haunting sadness playing at the edges. But there’s peace in the wood stove humming and snow on the ground and lounging in pajamas catching up on blogs.

      • ok then i shall(mostly) refrain from smacking–and possibly wanting to smack, people over the head with a large pointy stick!

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