Sharp copyright

Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
© 2012 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography
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12 thoughts on “Sharp

  1. Love the texture and detail in this photograph. I wonder what it would have looked like minus the bottom left corner though, but either way, the leaf makes for a nice macro shot. Thanks for sharing,

    • Ha! That’s the first time that I noticed the bit of sky in it! I do not edit, so I don’t know how to take it out, even if I could! I was concerned about the nearer and less focused bits toward the center. I posted it because I was pleased that it generally captured what attracted my attention to taking that image. I appreciate your commenting and viewing time. 🙂

    • Yay! I like your new layout. It had me trying to put images up on the sides, but it didn’t look right with my posted images list. I don’t get so many visitors, maybe I should put the list as a page. Or, I could just keep doing what I’m doing and enjoy the images 😀

  2. I think I read that this theme will create thumbnails of posted images which can appear on another page. I haven’t a clue how to do it but I’ll have another look 🙂

      • Hi Elisa. It’s taking me a while to figure out how to do thumnails on archive pages – I’ve found out a little bit but not enough yet!

        The key is to make images you post ‘featured images’ which can be done when you are editing your post. I haven’t tried to make a new ‘archive’ page yet to see how it works.

        Something else I experimented with this morning was using the ‘image’ widget where you can choose specific images which can be placed in a side bar or footer. It’s quite time-consuming but at least I know how to do it if you are interested! I guess they could also be put in an ‘about’ page or other page.

        At the moment, I’m happy with the ‘Top Posts and Pages’ widget which I tweaked a bit just now in order to keep the images fresh.

    • I think I’m totally wrong regarding an archive page we can create ourselves – with thumbnail images. I clicked on a category on my blog and it took me to an ‘Archives’ page with that particularly category as a heading and the images were thumbnails – which, I think, is what they probably mean when describing ‘archive pages with thumbnails’.

      • Hi! I wrote a very nice reply to this, if I do say so myself. It didn’t take, and I just realized it! I am mortified now!!

        I really appreciate your time and your efforts to share with me how to do this task. I couldn’t have done it without much swearing and foulness of moods. (I’m just not that well yet:D )
        I’m sorry that it did not work out, and yet I am very pleased with the marvel of a stranger going to such lengths to share fruits of labor. It means a lot to me. Thank you!

      • You’re very welcome Elisa. I shall continue to investigate the theme and what it can do over time and will let you know what I find out 🙂

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