Photographic Art Pieces and Images.
© 2012 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography
To Inquire,

3 thoughts on “Repression

  1. I hardly ever come over here to see the Purple Shoe Photography studio, but you do have some intriguing photos here filled with evocative titles. Hope you are doing OK. I am sleepy. The yellow flowers look wakeful.

    • Well, thank you for visiting. I try not to visit it. I begin to pout over loss of things I need to continue photography. Though, I may have a solution for that soon! I had a pretty good day yesterday. Not so much pain, cooking for when I have biopsy this week, and even a complete tree place walk. There was one of those perfect sunsets that waited just until I came out of a store! Rays going up into the sky!! I giggled and cried at once and in public! I got up a few times last night, but it was nice, as in I’d had enough sleep.

      • I am sorry you have to have a biopsy this week. Hope it turns out OK. Not so much pain sounds good. Loving your description of that perfect sunset and your reaction. I am feeling sickish-sleepy now. Don’t always do too good with lack of sleep. Have 3 blogs swirling in around this sleepy brain.

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